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Discount Car Hire South AfricaSouth Africa is one of the most diverse, enchanting countries in the world. It is a country where you will be welcomed with open arms and hearts and the warmest, widest of smiles, proud and excited to invite you to our shores, homes and braais.

Located at the tip of the Southern Tip of Africa with 2,798 kilometres of Coast line it is a country offering exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history, cultures and 11 official languages. South Africa boasts some of the best, least crowded beaches in the world, renowned wildlife parks such as Kruger Park, beautiful natural scenery and a stable post-apartheid environment.

Economy Car Rental South AfricaAt Value Car Hire, your Discount and Economy Vehicel Hire specialist we warmly welcome you to our shores, a country of immensely varied terrain supporting a rich diversity of wildlife, birdlife, and plant-life and offering you an incomparable range of experiences and natural beauty to behold. Whether you're in South Africa on safari or to enjoy the beaches, Value Car Hire strives to help you experience the very best that South Africa has to offer through our a reliable car hire fleet located at all major cities in South Africa and at several local and national pick up locations.

Our people are ready to show you our country's natural wonders, draw you into the rhythm and soul of Africa, give you close encounters with our regal wildlife and take you on an unforgettable journey through our ancient and recent past.

Value Car Hire Special Services

  • GPS RENTALS: Exploring new Towns and Cities? Value Car Hire will ensure you have an enjoyable drive in South Africa, with rates from a low as R65.00 per day!

  • MOBILE PHONES: Away from Home? Need to stay in contact? with Value Car Hire's mobile phone rentals, we ensure you stay in touch with family, friends and your business.

Basic Rules (South Africa)

  • South Africans drive on the left side of the road
  • Legal driving age is 18
  • Keep safe following distances
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Do not speed
  • It is illegal to operate a mobile phone whilst driving
  • It is illegal to drive without your seat belt

Safety Tips

  • Check vehicle at the start of each day that it has enough oil and water, that all indicators and lights are functional and that tyre pressure is adequate
  • Drive when possible, with your vehicle doors locked and the windows closed
  • If approached by a stranger, do not open your windows completely
  • Do not pick up strangers and hitchhikers
  • Place all packages and personal items in the trunk of your vehicle
  • If possible avoid travelling at night

Driving on South Africa's National Roads & Highways

  • While driving, keep to the left and pass on the right
  • All the national roads in South Africa have petrol-stations with restaurants, restrooms and shops dispersed along the route, so use them to freshen-up on the long drives
  • It is advisable to switch on the headlights of the vehicle to be more easily observed by other drivers

Fuel (Petrol, Gas)

  • Petrol-stations (also called 'garages') are widespread across South Africa's cities and national roads
  • When travelling through South Africa's neighboring countries, petrol-station are more scarce, so be prepared
  • Leaded and unleaded fuel are available
  • Fuel prices as regulated by the government and are roughly the same price at all petrol-stations
  • Service at petrol stations is provided by petrol attendants. Tipping is at your own discretion
  • On long trips, use fuel-stops as an opportunity to relax and freshen-up

South African Driving Laws - Speeding

  • MUNICIPAL / URBAN ROADS - 60 km per hour
  • PROVINCIAL ROADS - between 60 - 80 km per hour
  • NATIONAL ROADS - between 100 - 120 km per hour
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